• Opinion Public

    contemporary dance company based in Brussels created in 2010

    It is made up of a dancerchoreographer, Etienne Béchard, and dancers, Sidonie Fossé, Johann Clapson and Victor Launay, all of whom have spent time at the Ecole Rudra School and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. These artists were also Maurice Béjart's last performers before his death in 2007.
    Sharing the same artistic goals, they decided to develop their own project and settled in Europe's capital at the start of this decade.

    Since its creation, the company has developed a clean style, requiring a highly technical virtuosity.
    Etienne Béchard's choreography is based on neoclassical and contemporary techniques. It is packed with dynamic, fast, fluid and particularly physical movement. Highly demanding for the performers, it shows a great visual awareness. The dancers, who all have an extensive dance background, also express real talent as actors.

    The company’s choreographic language serves as a vehicle to express "Public Opinion" as its name, Opinion Public states.
    Its productions address the social context of our times.

    The artists deliberately set out to defend causes that are important to them by using not only dance but also staging, musical accompaniments, costumes and sets. Each production is a complete show, the product of a collective work, appealing to multiple sections of society and using all the latest technologies available.

    Each year, a new production has been added to the repertoire. The first production entitled "Opinion Public", criticized the role of the mass media and the lack of discernment that ensues. "Apart/heid" in 2011 focused on the theme of individuals feeling isolated and confined in today's society and criticizing individualism, exclusion and intolerance in its various forms. Consumer society, new technologies, social networks and the abuse that comes about from them are some of the company's favourite topics. Productions include "Obsolescence" in 2012, "Post Anima" in 2014, "Mr. Follower" the next year and the more recent "Arcadia" production at the end of 2017 about the virtual world led by electronic games. The company also shares their sense of humour in "BOB'Art" (2013) a critique about the effects fashion has on influencing contemporary art.

    Opinion Public explores intellectual gestures and physiological movement that reveals the inner human mind. Each performance presents a visual universe and a specific issue to the audience, each time with a renewed creativity and collective process.

    Due to its success, the company has been invited to perform outside Belgium, in Europe, Russia and now across the Atlantic. It has participated in international festivals, including "Le Temps d'Aimer" in Biarritz, France, the Kuopio Dance Festival in Finland, the Black Box Festival in Bulgaria, the Open Look Festival in St. Petersburg and the Baltic Ballet Festival in Latvia.

    Etienne Béchard's choreographic work along with the company's productions are gradually becoming more widely known and recognized in the artistic world and directors from large companies abroad are making contact.

    So, in 2016, the Ballet de l’Opéra du Rhin commissioned Etienne Béchard. He came together with his company to produce "Cupidon s’en fout..." (Cupid doesn't care) for a troupe of thirty-five dancers. This project added a new dimension by working with a much larger number of people.

    That same year, he reproduced tt, this time for fifteen dancers at the Tanz Konzert Theater Bern and the following year, "Bolero".

    In 2017, the specialist magazine, Tanz Magazin referred to him as one of the most promising choreographers on the international scene.

    In 2018, the company’s notoriety spread across the Atlantic. Etienne Béchard was invited to produce "The Rite of Spring" for the Grands Ballets Canadiens in Montreal. He created a reinterpretation of this work with a more modern feel and based it on modern society and the relationships between different social classes. Both the press and the public unanimously praised his work.

    As a result, the company continues to develop with bigger and more impressive projects. By tackling social issues that speak to everyone, it has been able to offer both modern and creative pieces of work that appeal to a wider audience and going well beyond a select few. Furthermore, it ensures its own sustainability as well as being able to develop a truly international profile.