At a time when television is broadcasting dances with stars, Opinion Public reminds us that dance is a real profession, made up of human movements - even close to insects at times - and less and less based on pure and tough choreography.

    In their new production, Post Anima (which sold out right from its first theatre showings in Brussels on Tuesday) the troupe gives the impression that nothing is impossible for them. This is because these 5 dancers, Etienne Béchard, Johann Clapson, Victor launay, Arthur Louarti and Sidonie Fossé, use a body language that's so fluid, we could forget they're even dancing.

    Between laughs, sensual and emotional moments, the company takes its discipline to the limit - with its double vision of suspended time and its virtual climax. Despite a dark and robotic theme about the uncertainty between man and machine, the company gives the impression it is chained to our existance. A trial encroaching on the human soul and human relationships lost due to the excessive amount of technology (smartphone, etc.). A modern and disturbing Dance Machine (that’s almost creepy?) with a "heavy" impact.



    The Opinion Public company whose interview you can re-read here, has been performing its new show, Post Anima all week at the Marni Theatre.

    A wonderful show which discusses humanity and progress. The dancers embody humanoids imprisoned within the same machine. A fight begins between the growing digital world and Humanity in search of its own conscience. Gradually, the dancers try to free themselves from the cables that connect them to this machine to finally regain their lost feelings.

    On stage, large swathes of paper create a minimalist backdrop through which lights and video is projected. The dancers use this element to not only represent the digital world but also to give another dimension to the dance they simultaneously perform before the audience.

    This mix of dance and video lifts the performance to another level beyond that of a simple dance show. The camera is used in a truly unique way to create a special atmosphere which is funny at times and more frightening at others.

    The beauty of bodies and their movements is breathtaking. Etienne Béchard's choreography is remarkable and the dancers' execution is splendid. Dancing seems simple when you seen as flowing and graceful movements..

    In addition, the music is exceptional. By subtly blending classical with contemporary pieces, the show refuses to be defined as a particular style.

    Post Anima is an hour of pleasure, tenderness and humour. An hour of thoughtful contemporary dance while remaining accessible to everyone. In short, it's good for the body and for the soul!!

    For those of you who didn't get the chance to go, there'll be two more performances at Lommel and Waterloo this autumn. The company is also rerunning its BOB’Art show from January 2015.