The latest choreography "Obsolescence" by the young dance company Opinion Public is definitely worth checking out. The group of engaged and conscientious dancers (Etienne Béchard, Johann Clapson, Sidonie Fosse, Victor Launay and Arthur Louarti) draws inspiration from their personal and professional experience in the Béjart Ballet Lausanne and has for the seventh time come up with a new, imaginative performance. Founded in 2010 by dancers with different backgrounds, the company’s common desire to create a distinctive choreographic style is what keeps them going.

    This time with their sixth member, Alejandra Garcia, "Obsolescence" is an almost theatrical- like piece and portrays the problematic, yet not enough treated topics of overproduction and overconsumption. These have a huge impact on our planet and cause many problems, but somewhat aren’t treated intensely. The company wants to portray the amount of hypocrisy there is in our world on this profound subject. Integrating white, rigid window mannequins into the choreography certainly helps underline the fact that people tend to hide behind masks, caused simply by the greed of few.

    From a visual, as well as emotional perspective, this choreography is definitely not a miss. The interaction between the music and the dancers is quite flawless even so each and every one of them clearly has their own distinguishing style. This for sure gives a fresh touch to the scene, showcasing six diverse individualities within one crew and theirs shared vision. The two choreographers, Etienne Béchard and Sidonie fossé, created an absorbing piece that works visually and doesn’t fail to intrigue by its humanistic elements.